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ysura - the mobile CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry



Industrial Strength

Meets the pharmaceutical industry functional and legal requirements right out of the box. Track visits, collect data, manage samples, organize events, monitor opt-ins – it’s all there.

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Users love it

Working with ysura is a pleasure: fast, intuitive and optimized for the iPad. You’ll be amazed by the intelligent search, mapping features, short-cuts, calendar views and more. In fact, you’ll wish all your apps were this good.



Made and Hosted in Germany

A cloud-based system, all you need to use ysura is an iPad or browser. Rest assured knowing that your data is always safe, secure and backed up. Of course we adhere to the highest data privacy and security standards.

The Perfect Sales Day with ysura


Plan your day

You might need a coffee to get going in the morning, but ysura doesn’t. It’s an iPad app so it’s always on. Check your schedule for planned visits, calls and other activities or let ysura make recommendations. Based on factors such as client importance, visit frequency, topic relevancy and proximity, ysura can recommend a set of tasks for the day that maximizes the use of your time and matches it with your company’s latest goals and strategies. ysura will even show you the ideal route to drive to complete your daily tour.


Prepare your visit

As you enter the clinic, take a glance at your iPad. ysura already knows where you are and it displays relevant information about the doctor you are about to meet. What topics have you or your colleagues talked to the doctor about in recent months? What emails has she received? What conferences has she attended?

We call this the customer journey: a graphical view of all the interactions with this doctor in the past and planned for the future.


Drop off samples

You still have a selection of samples in your car. To which doctor does it make the most sense to give the samples? Which doctors are still entitled to receive more samples this month? ysura knows. In fact ysura can recommend the best use of the samples while always ensuring that you stay within the compliancy rules.


Make a winning presentation

It’s finally your face-to-face time with the doctor. During your discussion, you can easily make a note of the doctor’s special requests. Is he interested in more information on a product? Would she like an invitation to a specific conference? Would he like to participate in a webinar? Each request is only a tap away. By the time you’ve finished your presentation, the requested information is already in the doctor’s inbox.


It’s a wrap!

Thanks to ysura, you breezed through your day and arrived home early once again. Entering your activities for the day is a cinch. ysura actually makes educated guesses of what those activities were. You just tap to confirm. Maybe you’d like to check out your personal performance report. Looks like you’re well on your way to a bonus this year!

ysura is available in two versions

Are you looking to implement your first CRM or replace an existing CRM? Then use ysura as your primary CRM. If you need to keep your existing CRM alive, you can use ysura as the mobile front end to your existing CRM.

Mobile Front End for existing CRM

  • ysura is the iPad front end for sales reps
  • Protects your investment in your existing CRM
  • Data is synchronized between ysura and existing CRM
  • Integration with further data sources
  • Smooth implementation – department by department instead of big-bang
  • Existing integrations and customizations remain untouched
  • When the organization is ready, existing CRM can be transitioned out

Primary CRM

    • All-in-one CRM
    • Reduces integration effort
    • Top design for sales reps and sales managers
    • Ideal for sales people on the road and at the desk
    • Master data management


ysura partners with some of the leading life science and technology companies in Europe and beyond.

Experience ysura live

There's no better way to learn how you can improve sales efficiency and employee satisfaction than to see ysura in action. Let us know when you are available and we'll schedule your personal demonstration.