ysura Omnichannel

ysura´s Omnichannel pharma interaction solution provides precise segmentation, intuitive engagement and personalised communication strategies that lead to  improved HCP relationships.

A doctor poses for the camera while using a tablet
A doctor poses for the camera while using a tablet

ysura Omnichannel

ysura Omnichannel pharma interaction solution allows you to easily reach precisely segmented audiences with personalised interactions and an integrated feedback loop that will inform future engagement strategies, organically developing your omnichannel strategy and ultimately drive sales.

Relieve the time pressure Administrative Tasks create by consolidating processes for maximum efficiency

  • Coaching Surveys - Take Personas to the next level with Coaching Surveys. This module will allow you to send individualised surveys to customers, HCPs and HCOs that pinpoint their fields of interest which will define their personalised Omnichannel campaign

  • Consent Management - Collecting and storing HCP consent is vital for seamless HCP interactions.

  • Order Management - Smart, mobile compatible order entry  with integrated discount options and live status updates.

  • Reporting - Make informed, data-driven decisions with tangible insights into your market.

  • Territory Management - Structure sales and improve efficiency by centrally assigning specified sales territories.

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Prescribe to the most intuitive Pharma CRM Solution with functionalities designed specifically for Life Sciences

  • Activity Planning -  Create a multichannel engagement strategy by planning and tracking all activities.

  • List Management - Combine Persons, Organisations and Attributes to generate targeted lists.

  • Activities - A 360° view of past, present and future activities.

  • Directory - An interactive Directory that lets you segment the Persons and Organisations in your database through general parameters or individual Attributes.

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Implement the most advanced Engagement tools to build long-lasting relationships

  • eEvent Management - Create events, invite guests, track registrations and filter Personas, Organisations and List Management to optimise engagement. Event Management also streamlines cost management, speaker and participant management, approvals and sponsoring.

  • Omnichannel Campaigns - Create an individual omnichannel campaign for each HCP, based purely on their personal preferences, engagement history and email analytics, to drive effective engagement with each customer.

  • Medical Requests - Allow HCPs to further their knowledge on a particular product by quickly and easily connecting them with other health care professionals.

  • yRoom - The pharma-specific remote engagement tool.

  • Personalised Emails - Send Personalised Emails to the appropriate HCP/HCO.

  • Sample Management - Regionally compliant sample administration with an included electronic signature module. 

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What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is both the name of the ysura product and a strategy. A successful omnichannel strategy utilises all the data you generate from every interaction with each HCP, as well as personal data (age, location, profession) to inform all interactions between the two parties. The more refined this data becomes, the more precise your engagements become. In turn, the HCPs are happier and more than twice as likely to prescribe or sell your product. For a deep dive into the topic of Omnichannel strategies, take a look at our recently published Omnichannel Whitepaper.

A group of people clap while watching the camera
A group of people clap while watching the camera

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