A bit about us

We are a youthful team with a tremendous love for coffee that dares to think big and isn't uneasy about being different. Above all, we believe that every cup of coffee should be a terrific experience and after your morning cup, the rest of your day should continue to be just as good.

The past & the present

ysura is led by its founder, Philip Debbas, who started the company in 2012, with the aim of providing software solutions that did not exist in the market for a leading Pharma company. Not the type to shy away from a challenge, Philip, along with a few trusty accomplices, quickly built a reputation in the industry for creating CRM products that addressed the gaps in existing products and the evolving digital landscape.

Fast forward to now, we have a leading Customer Interaction Platform that merges in-person and remote interactions while paving the way for effective engagement throughout the HCP journey. Additionally, our Consultants excel in omnichannel strategy, know the ins and outs of customer engagement and are committed to delivering true value for our customers.

Although ysura has grown to several customers in multiple countries, each customer still receives the enthusiasm our first customer did along with the solution and services that are just right for them.

The key to our success

With our extensive experience in the Pharma market, we know the do's and don'ts of customer engagement methodologies and the many challenges companies face with regards to compliancy, processes, IT, organisational and change management. Making a significant difference in your productivity and operational excellence and being a reliable partner is our commitment to you.

In other words, our success depends on your success.

What drives us?

All our products have been designed and engineered with a strong focus on usability. Because if no one wants to use our software or we have to spend all our time teaching people how to use our products, we are in the wrong business.
The best part of being a team where everyone knows each other is that we genuinely enjoy working with one another.  There is no “my job”, or “your job”, it is always “our job”. Simple as that.
Different disciplines come together to work hand-in-hand to help pharma companies achieve their goals. The following quote from Peter F. Drucker captures our modus operandi.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Our team members do not fit into a mould

If not at work, members of our team can be found competing in triathlons, growing Bonsai trees, playing the Bongo or Helicon or even singing in rock concerts.

Our academic backgrounds which include Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and Neuroscience are just as varied as our work experience - hospitality on cruise ships, acting gigs in Hollywood films, a stint at NASA.

Somehow, we have all landed at ysura, a place where we all genuinely enjoy working with another while being committed to ysura's vision. Oh and we all like to start our day with a great cup of java.

Pharma Software Innovators & Omnichannel Pioneers