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ysura offers three pharma CRM and engagement solutions that perfectly cater to  organisations in the life sciences industry of any size, from small local businesses to international enterprises.

A person uses a tablet
A person uses a tablet

ysura Omnichannel

The CRM foundation consists of Activity & Activity Planning, List Management as Event Management - Create Events, filter Personas, Organisations and simultaneously use List Management all with a direct link to your CRM.well as an intelligent Directory.

Omnichannel Campaigns - Create an individual omnichannel campaign for each HCP, based on personal preferences, engagement history and email analytics.

Coaching Surveys - Send individualised surveys to customers, HCPs and HCOs that pinpoint their fields of interest further defining your Omnichannel campaign. 

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ysura Hybrid

yRoom - A pharma-specific remote engagement tool.

Personalised Emails - Use Attributes and List Management to generate dynamic lists, then send Personalised Emails.

Consent Management - Hybrid consent approval and storage.

Medical Requests - Further HCP knowledge by connecting them with other professionals in the health care industry.

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ysura Pro

A Smart Directory


List Management

Territory Management

eDetailing / Media

Sample Management

Order Management


Activity Planning

Notification Center

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