Worldwide Innovation yRoom Presented at DigIT Pharma

Munich, 12 November 2019. The Munich-based company ysura GmbH, specializing in pharmaceutical CRM, presented its new product to the general public at the annual conference DigIT Pharma in Berlin. The application called yRoom opens up a new communication channel for doctors and field sales staff.

Solving the challenges of pharmaceutical communication

In his presentation, Philip Debbas, CEO of ysura, explained not only the current challenges of pharmaceutical communication, but also the path from the idea to implementation of the Augmented Communication Workspace. The starting point for the development of the yRoom were three challenges that many pharmaceutical companies face: First, the daily work of many healthcare professionals is determined by too many software applications, which often are also not particularly user-friendly. Second, today field sales staff and doctors expect more control over their joint communication, and this is by no means improved by the existing screen sharing in video communication. Last but not least, not all field sales staff are technically savvy and must learn how to use the tools or applications for video communication.  

The pharmaceutical communication of the future

What might the solution look like? The Augmented Communication Workspace yRoom provides the best answer: All relevant CRM information, for example the Customer Journey, can be displayed during a video conference. Any number of the underlying processes, such as sample ordering, e-procurement or event management, are integrated into the video communication and intuitively controlled on both sides. A doctor can therefore give his consent or select an event that is of interest to him. The field salesperson can make his or her offers and at the same time respond with the information requested. This web-based application goes far beyond screenshots and enables effective and very personal relationship maintenance.

A real alternative to the personal visit

Visitors to DigIT were enthusiastic about this innovation, which is based on new technology and therefore avoids elaborate downloads and software installations in the field and at the doctor’s office. In addition, the yRoom can be easily connected to common pharmaceutical CRM systems such as Veeva, Salesforce or IQVIA. The fact that this comprehensive video communication works with one click and avoids long travel times also won over visitors to the trade fair, whose companies have set themselves the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. The first pharmaceutical company is already using the yRoom to reach its customers in a sustainable and efficient manner.