Industry Meeting on the Future of Pharma Sales and Markering

Munich, 15 February 2019 - Leading pharmaceutical managers showed great interest in the latest edition of the growing lecture and networking event "Vitamin C". More than 60 participants accepted the invitation of the pharma-specific CRM provider ysura GmbH and the Vendus Group, which specializes in health communication, to Munich to discuss the importance of influencers and social media for pharmaceutical marketing. They also experienced the first live demo of ysura's new sales force platform.

Digital Opinion Leader - an opportunity for digital professional communication

Nicole Tappée, Managing Director of MCG Medical Consulting Group

"How can mechanisms of blogger relations and influencer marketing be transferred to expert group communication", Nicole Tappée, Managing Director of MCG Medical Consulting Group, addressed this question in her presentation. Often digital media would have substantial influence on decisions not only in the private, but also in the vocational surrounding field of the medical circles. Therefore, bloggers and influencers as Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are attracting growing attention. Their knowledge, their media competence and, of course, their reach in the marketing mix are indispensable today: as support for awareness campaigns, in roundtables or as online editors. For the first steps in this direction, Tappée advises: "Look around in your own network. Follow relevant contacts.

Salesforce goes digital

Anja Wenke, Head of DocCheck Research at DocCheck

Anja Wenke, Head of DocCheck Research at DocCheck, also confirms that influencers are very important in medical circles and that the exchange is becoming more and more digital. As opinion formers, highly committed experts are "maximally credible, personally involved, particularly authentic, absolutely convincing - no sales representative can produce that," says Wenke. Current studies of DocCheck Research occupied in addition the ambivalence in the relationship between physician and field service, which is estimated by the large majority of the physicians and pharmacists as indispensable because of the personal exchange, in the everyday life increasingly however as digitally replaceable. This development is driven in particular by the so-called digital females: young, digitally affine female doctors who use the full range of online channels to get in touch with the sales force and who are also generally interested in a high-quality exchange as well as flexibly retrievable, neutral specialist information. The opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers are obvious: Those who open up to digital channels and social media communication, listen well to their users and understand what drives them can also better design their offerings for doctors and pharmacists.

Digital Visit- trust through co-designing

Philip Debbas, CEO at ysura

This is also the point where the "Vitamin C" organiser starts its live demo. Philip Debbas, Managing Director of ysura GmbH, sees the task of the future sales force as giving the doctor more control over the conversation and relevant information. The goal must be to arrange the field service visit in the same way as the physician otherwise obtains his information and makes decisions. This is precisely why ysura is currently developing a digital platform in cooperation with Berlin-based in//touch GmbH, whose managing director Wolfgang Höfers explains: "Today's video telephony is not suitable for good personal contact in the context of professional exchange. And we need a real addition to the on-site visit." And not only that is possible with the new ysura solution, but even an unbeatable advantage over a personal meeting: The sales representative sees all relevant information on his screen - from the conversation guide to the visit history to the doctor's network. In turn, the doctor can view current presentations, product information and available samples, consents or event suggestions - and then let the doctor decide which information he is interested in. "The co-designing of the conversation increases the quality of the meeting and leads to a more trusting relationship," Debbas is sure. Despite all the controversy surrounding digitisation, the participants at the "Vitamin C" meeting were probably in agreement.