Customer Interaction Platform

An end-to-end customer engagement solution based on our cutting-edge CRM, sought after Accelerators as well as the innovative yRoom. Built specifically for the pharma industry, our platform is industry compliant and provides seamless omnichannel capabilities for richer and more personalised HCP conversations.

ysura CRM

ysura's CRM system, built from scratch in collaboration with pharma leaders, addresses the needs that other systems don’t. Developed in-house, with usability as the top priority, our proprietary CRM is not limited to or constrained by a third-party backbone, therefore offering unmatched functionality and flexibility.

ysura Accelerators

ysura Accelerators fill technology and functional gaps in your CRM system that hold you back from adding new communication channels or executing an effective omnichannel strategy. Our Accelerators can be easily integrated into your IT ecosystem, boosting your customer interaction capabilities.

ysura yRoom

ysura´s yRoom enables Hybrid Sales Reps, MSLs, and KAMs to virtually engage with their HCPs, complementing traditional face-face meetings with augmented video technology. 

Utilising modern web browser capabilities, starting a conversation is only one click away. Designed and built for pharma, yRoom seamlessly provides processes like approved eDetailing, sample requests and multichannel consent gathering. Its unique and compliant user-friendly interface integrates into your CRM to produce tailored experiences for each HCP and Sales Rep, providing the right information exactly when it is needed.

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