ysura - MMM Consulting Partnership (EN)

Munich/Berlin January 2022 - ysura GmbH, a Pharma specialized SaaS provider and MMM Consulting GmbH, strategic pharma consultants have entered into a partnership.

The collaboration between ysura and MMM Consulting is a win-win for the pharma sector, as both companies combine many years of experience in the international pharma and healthcare industry. Their respective and complementary expertise in developing innovative digital solutions and developing leading strategies will provide their clients with industry leading solutions and consulting.  

"ysura's agile, scalable and flexible solutions will be complemented by this partnership with additional strategic services for current and future customers. The first joint projects have already started, the feedback from customers is exclusively positive and we look forward to continuing the successful journey together," added Philip Debbas, CEO of ysura GmbH.

“I am very excited about the partnership with ysura. We have the expertise and knowledge to transparently transform data and generate insights that are easy to interpret. Through our cooperation, experts from a wide range of disciplines can now interact with each other, leading to new perspectives in business processes,“ said Matthias Max Möller, Managing Director of MMM Consulting GmbH. 

The combination of the diverse specialties of both companies enables them to complement each other's projects and services, thus creating high added value for market and customer needs. In particular, dynamic areas such as digital transformation, omnichannel management as well as business intelligence are enriched by many years of experience in consulting. Above all, those responsible for sales excellence as well as sales and marketing benefit from joint consulting, profound insights and professional implementation. 

About ysura GmbH

ysura headquartered in Munich is a software company providing innovative commercial solutions to the pharma industry. The company was founded by Philip Debbas when a consulting project for a Top 10 pharmaceutical company resulted in the request to build a bespoke CRM solution to address the gaps in the market. ysura evolved into an agile partner driving success for organisations across the board — niche businesses, medium companies, and large global enterprises. Its cloud-based solutions fulfil compliance and regulatory requirements with flexible processes that meet both global demands and local needs. The company prides itself on maintaining an openness to experimentation that can lead to breakthrough strategies and long-term relationships with partners who are also passionate about building transformative solutions anchored in technology. 

For further information, images and interview opportunities with ysura, please contact Mannu Brieskorn | marketing@ysura.com | +49 (0) 160 4389041


About MMM Consulting GmbH

The management consultancy MMM Consulting offers strategic solutions in the areas of marketing and sales, business intelligence and consulting.  Customers include leading international corporations and companies, medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups. MMM Consulting transforms data into pragmatic recommendations for action and accompanies their implementation sustainably - from conception to performance measurement. In doing so, the company has specialized in the realization of holistic and, pragmatic approaches that represent a measurable benefit for the customer. With innovative projects in data science, MMM Consulting contributes to their innovative edge. 

For further information, images and interview opportunities with MMM Consulting, please contact Herbert Assmann | herbert.assmann@mmm-consulting.de | +49 (0)30 26398060


Philip Debbas 
CEO ysura GmbH
Matthias Max Möller, Managing Director of MMM Consulting GmbH
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