06. Mai 2021 Vitamin E

Vitamin E Networking Exchange: Know-how for Pharma Managers

The transformation of ysura's Vitamin Breakfast networking events into live Vitamin D webinars has been very successful in Germany, and due to high demand from industry leaders, you could now look forward to a virtual European Vitamin E Breakfast.

Under the headline

"Getting the Most Out of Omnichannel: Strategies to Improve Remote and Live Engagement"

you got three keynote speeches including a short discussion..

Pandemic Learning
Learning from Covd19 crisis in multi

Dirk Abeel, Global Medical Sales Director, Reckitt Benckiser

Transforming HCP Customer Experience
Seamless omnichannel capabilities for a smarter engagement

Philip Debbas, CEO, ysura GmbH

Medical Cannabis and Omni Channel Marketing about the necessity to adapt in an ever changing landscape

Julian Vaterrodt, Managing director for Emmac Deutschland

Thank you for your participation and the interesting exchange.