Whitepaper: Do you want to easily orchestrate Multichannel campaigns?

What does the successful key to campaigns look like and how do you make Multichannel measurable? Philip Debbas, Managing Director of ysura GmbH, describes this in his whitepaper.

For a long time now it has not been possible to calculate that only the frequent presence of sales representatives at doctors, in hospitals and with other customers in the healthcare sector leads to corresponding sales of the products. Instead, fewer and fewer pharmaceutical consultants are looking after the many health care professionals and trying to place their products in a competitive market. However, they have one big advantage: with the numerous new communication channels available to them today, pharmaceutical consultants can address their customers much more comprehensively. Sophisticated campaign modules enable clear messages to be communicated and appropriate media to be made available for addressing customers. The pharmaceutical consultants keep track of all activities and steps in the campaign.

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