Service with a Smile

  • Are you locked out? I can help you regain access
  • Would you like to plan an event? Let me me guide you through the process
  • Is there an issue with the numbers? I’d be happy to take a look
  • Is this your first time contacting us? I’m so pleased to assist you

Is this a conversation with a hotel front desk? Or with a member of ysura’s customer service team? Oksana Martsinovska can do both. Our newest employee at ysura, Oksana initially studied hotel management and later worked at reception, accounting and guest service at multiple hotels. While working in hotels, Oksana discovered that she had a talent not only for providing excellent guest service but also for using, administrating and even training new staff on hotel software. So when a job opened up at ysura, Oksana applied – and got it.

“I’ve always enjoyed using technology and customer service. At ysura I can combine both of these passions” said the Ukraine-native, who now calls Munich home. “Whether it’s a hotel guest who lost her room key or a pharma sales rep who lost his password, the basic strategy is the same: stay positive, listen to the customer, offer a solution, follow-up and keep smiling.” Of course some problems are a lot more complex but the rigorous on-boarding process brought Oksana up-to-speed quickly so that she was soon able to resolve the majority of the customer’s questions on her own.

“Overall we are proud of the quality of the support we offer,” explained Stefan Probst, ysura’s head of support. “We resolve 80% of all support requests, known as tickets, within one business day. Even when we can’t answer the question right away, our customers know we won’t give up until we can provide a satisfactory answer.”

Depending on the customer’s preference, ysura can either provide first level or second level support. First level means that any user can call or send an E-Mail to support and receive an answer directly. Second level support means that the user first contacts an internal support team at the customer. If the internal support team can’t solve the problem, they escalate the case to ysura’s second level support team, which provides the customer’s internal support team with an answer.

ysura is also working on an online library of support questions and answers. Once complete, this will enable users to search for answers to common questions on their own.

But for those users who prefer a friendly human voice, they just may get Oksana on the phone.

While the ysura support team is full at the moment, ysura is currently looking to expand the project management team. Learn more about this exciting role.

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