Release notes

Every four weeks you will find improvements, enhancements and new features in ysura. Larger enhancements are available for testing for a certain period prior to the official release. In general, however, the enhancements are self-explanatory and intuitive. These release notes list the highlights of each release. In addition to these highlights, there are frequent smaller improvements related to design, speed and security.

AB 2019: Change release cycle

With the new year ysura will change the release process. In future, releases will be made to the customer every 2 months (previously every 4 weeks). The release process can take several hours. A longer release should not jeopardize productivity during regular customer business hours. The day is therefore changed from the last Tuesday of each month to Friday.


The change will also change the schema of the version numbers. The previous version: MAJOR.MINOR.FIX (e.g. 3.12.26) will be replaced by YEAR.RELEASE.FIX (2019.1.0). The new schema transports more information and makes it clear faster by means of the version number when a release will be available for customers. The release notes will be published approx. 4 weeks before go live on the ysura homepage.

Dates 2019

For 2019, 5 major releases are planned:
2019.1 on 30 March 2019
2019.2 on 01 June 2019
2019.3 on 27 July 2019
2019.4 on 28 September 2019
2019.5 on 30 November 2019

Version 2019.3, July 27 2019

Calendar module
Calendar module to plan and see activities in a week, month or year view; Connection to ysura list management for fast and easy activity planning.

Display teams in customer journey
Admin can configure now which Business Units / Teams should be displayed on the customer journey of doctors; User can select them as filter.

Add / Edit attributes within activity creation
Now attributes can be added and changed directly within the activity creation screen

Admin add / edit attributes within activity creation screen
Admin can define which attributes can be added / edited in the activity creation screen

Marketing Automation via attributes
Textblocks and topics can be automatically enabled or disabled according to persons attribute values

Personalized Email: User Defined Template
User can save configured marketing template as user defined template. 

New standard reports
Report for a deeper analysis of the activity planning
New activity overview report

yRoom V1
First version of the new product yRoom: Augmented video conferencing with HCPs

Version 2019.2, June 1st 2019

Integration extension:
D&O address pool integration
Implementation of the interface to D&O to synchronize data directly

Customer Journey:
Customer Journey Sales Division
In the future, activities of a sales line can be filtered and displayed in the Customer Journey. You can now also see which sales representative belongs to which line.

Automated integration of target features via interface.

yRoom – Augmented Video Conference Tool:
Implementation of the yRoom
With the yRoom, video conferences can be carried out directly via the ysura CRM. All CRM information is available for the field service in the video conference and data and media can be shared with the HCP. This allows conversations to be conducted face-to-face and all information to be shared and viewed. This helps to optimize the dialogue for both sides.

Fast access to selected media.
The media can be opened faster by adding a quick link. In the Quick Link (Media Quick Access Panel), the media marked for offline mode can be viewed.

List Management:
Enhancement of the List Management display.
For person lists, only all organizations and subsidiary organizations for which an HCP is working can be displayed.

Offline mode:
Incremental Synchronization for the Current Offline Version
Improved synchronization of data for offline mode

Version 2019.01, March 30 2019


Add functionality quick links to the dashboard

Add quick links for going offline, my persons and others to the dashboard.



Consent import self service

Give administrative users means to import (new) person consents in accepted or rejected state, with given consent item states and communication data via Excel.

Normalised consent export

Add a regular full export of person consents and associated data in normalised form (each table maps to a separate CVS file).


List Management:

Make editing of lists faster (UX)

Remove the separate edit screen of list management to improve user experience. The list will auto-save once an edit occurs.

Filter person lists by event and invitation / participation status

Add more conditions and criteria to person lists (list management) to filter by invitation and participation status.

Add rolling time frame filter for lists

Add rolling days, month and years time frame filter for list with a user selectable amount. Also a user defined filter is added.



Improve GUI of current offline version

A pop up is shown when the application starts in offline mode. Also a status text is added to the main menu.



Automated Organisational hierarchy import

Add a standard importer to automatically update the organisational hierarchy and adapt it according to a given target configuration.

D&O address pool integration

Add an automatised address pool integration for the Direkt & Online Pharma address pool.



Make download of media configurable per media

An administrator can decide if a media is available for download or not.

Version 3.6, 27. March 2018

  • Inventing Campaign management
  • Improving tasksviewer for campaigns
  • Expand the person view for campaign
  • Improving alerts

Version 3.5, 27. February 2018

  • Expansion for Lists
  • GDPR imfprovings
  • Faster search function
  • More Filters for easier analysis

Version 3.5, 30 January 2018

  • Improvements in personalized emails
  • Adjustments to the basic data protection regulation
  • Improved event overview
  • Improvements in the Notification Center

Version 3.5, December 19,2017

  • Improvements in the display of the drop-down menus
  • Visualization of organizational relations
  • Improved Monitoring
  • Improvements in area management

Version 3.4, 28 November 2017

  • Improvements in activity planning
  • Adjustments in the e-mail templates
  • Improved rights management
  • improvements in near-me display

Version 3.4, 27 October 2017

  • Use lists for personalist e-mail distribution
  • Enter a 2nd e-mail address for sending the e-mail
  • Improvements in list processing
  • Adjustments in the Notification Center

Version 3.3, 29 September 2017

    • Improved interfaces with other systems
    • Adjustments for audit requests
    • New added text fields for reasons
    • Enhancements in the list search

Version 3.3, 29 August 2017

  • Improvements to the personalized E-Mails
  • Adaptions for the new Data Protection Law
  • Improvements to the Event Overview
  • Improvements to the Notification Center

Version 3.2, 25 July 2017

  • New filter tools for List Management
  • New Screen for the Activity Planning
  • Medical Requests
  • Notification Center

Version 3.1, 27 June 2017

  • More detailed information (e.g. graphs) in the activity plan
  • Control tools for the Management
  • Improved filter tools for finding person
  • Improved filter tools for finding organisations

Version 3.0, 31 May 2017

  • Introduction to the new Design
  • Introduction to the new Action Button
  • New Edittools and Screens
  • Improved navigation through the application

Version 2.66.12, 25 April 2017

  • Events in the person list
  • User Help for creating personalized Emails
  • Improvements in the Event Tool
  • Improved in Organisations history
  • Additional columns in list display

Version 2.66, 28 March 2017

  • Create new persons and organizations at the same time
  • Optimization of organization hierarchy – skip empty nodes
  • ysura remembers previous searches and filters and uses them as defaults
  • Improved navigation through the application
  • Additional columns in list display (customer number, telephone number)

Version 2.65, 28 February 2017

  • Near-me: see HCPs near you on a map
  • Medical requests related to product recalls and fakes
  • Fast list management with improved sorting possibilities
  • Advanced administration of permission management

Version 2.64, 31 January 2017

  • Activity Planning
  • Multiple enhancements to business processes

Version 2.63, 27 December 2016

  • Improvements in travel cost calculation in BPM
  • Enhanced filtering in territory planning
  • Complex list queries
  • Better tracking of personalized emails
  • Events now searchable by topic

Version 2.62, 08 November 2016

  • Full administration of templates for personalized emails
  • Proxy management: allow employees to stand in for other employees
  • Various enhancements to business processes
  • Maintenance page in case of planned downtime

Version 2.61, 12 October 2016

  • Links from event view directly to persons and organizations
  • Now possible to add reasons not only for rejecting an event but also approving an event
  • Multiple improvements to sending of personalized emails, including better tracking and statistics

Version 2.60, 28 September 2016

  • New version of ysura Phone App, including list management
  • Ability to search for topics when adding an activity
  • New administration module for promotional materials
  • Enhanced list management with new default columns and default sorting

Version 2.59, 14 September 2016

  • New business process for approval and reimbursement of meal expenses
  • Enhancements for shipments of promotional material
  • OTC order form relaunch

Version 2.58, 1 September 2016

  • More powerful management of person assignments
  • Ability to change status of master data to active or inactive
  • Intelligent merging of people and organizations
  • Enhanced password policy

Version 2.57, 16 August 2016

  • Upgraded interface to event management system (Profidata)
  • Optimization of event core view
  • Cost management for regional expert events
  • Enhanced management of attributes
  • Track history of changes to sales rep territories

Version 2.56, 02 August 2016

  • Multiple enhancements to rep events
  • Enhanced permission management for master data
  • Speaker fees added to event cost reporting

Version 2.55, 13 July 2016

  • Added reason field for consent changes
  • Ability to remove specific HCPs from FSA transparency requirements
  • Select long or short saluation for personalized emails
  • Additional event reports
  • Enhanced interface to document archival solution (Docubyte)

Version 2.54, 17 June 2016

  • New business process supported: Centrally Organized Events
  • Multiple enhancements to other BPM processes

Version 2.52, 10 May 2016

  • Territory Structure Management
  • Customisable validation rules for rep events

Version 2.51, 26 April 2016

  • List Management
  • Enhanced search and filtering in event management
  • Customisable validation rules for promotional material

Version 2.50, 29 March 2016

  • Calendar function (personal, team, activities)
  • BI enhancement: Account Reports
  • Management of event speakers from other countries

Version 2.49, 15 March 2016

  • Personalized email for blended reps
  • Synchronized management of timeouts on tablets and browser

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