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People and organizations are the heart of every CRM system. ysura understands the deep relationships between Health Care Professionals, hospitals, suppliers, and other professional organizations such as purchasing syndicates, and can visualize these relationships in a clear and intuitive way.

A doctor works in both a private practice as well as a hospital?  No problem!  She specializes in Oncology and Anesthesiology?  Also no problem.  And the hospital is also part of a purchasing syndicate as well as a large university consortium?  Again, with ysura it's no problem to store these relationships and to visualize those relationships intuitively.


Keep an overview of your customers by storing unlimited attributes such as specializations, employment rank, memberships, publications and more. Define your own attributes and sort, filter, create lists and evaluate them how you want.  Unlimited hierarchical structures can keep track of even the most complex organizations.




‚ÄćThe Communication Channel of the Future

The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation.  Compared to just five years ago, healthcare professionals (HCP) and pharmacists are now obtaining most of the information they need in their profession from online sources.  More than 50% of HCPs are digitally native, a percentage that is only continuing to grow.  And, each HCP has already established a preferred channel for specific types of content.

Field sales organizations have been adapting to those changes, either by offering higher levels of quality content on their own pharmaceutical portals, or by integrating newer channels of communication in their outreach to those HCPs. The role of the pharmaceutical representative has also been changing, making a shift towards "healthcare consultant" rather than simply the supplier of information.

This consultative approach doesn't match with the daily routine of the field rep or the HCP.  As access to HCPs declines, the time allotted towards the visit gets shorter and the information requested from the HCP gets more specific, the standard 2-5 minute visit is simply inadequate, for both parties.  ysura has been witness to those changes directly through our regular ride-along campaigns where we accompany sales representatives into the field for a day.  Our data leads to the same conclusions.  A field rep needs a lot of patience and understanding, with traffic congestion, long waiting times and increasingly short HCP engagement being a part of the daily routine.


A Focus on the HCP through UX Design

HCPs both want and need the exchange of information that a pharmaceutical representative can provide.  How would it be for them if they were at the center of the exchange, on their terms and fitting within their busy schedule?  And what if at the same time, field sales waiting and travel times were virtually eliminated?  Introducing, the yRoom:  A platform that offers all the advantages of a personal visit while significantly reducing the waiting and travel times for the pharmaceutical representative.

Designed as a complement to the traditional face-to-face (F2F) visit, the yRoom offers all these benefits, plus eDetailing, consent collection, a fully-featured scheduling engine, optional CRM integration, and a user experience (UX) that takes a back-seat to the virtual visit that's taking place.  Ease of use is considered first in the design of the yRoom.  All the participants need is a modern web browser.  That's it.  No plugins, no downloads, no software.

When an HCP can schedule their own visits, on their own time, and when it's most convenient for them, they are inclined to give more time and attention to that call.  Average virtual visits are lasting over 15 minutes.  In comparison to F2F, that is more than three times the time that's allocated by the HCP to the rep.


The Virtual Visit

The primary goal of the field sales is to win the attention of the HCP.  In an informationally competitive environment, it is the focus on the HCP that wins that attention.  Transparency also assists in this regard.  The yRoom displays the customer journey to the HCP, allowing them to see exactly when and how prior conversations occurred. When desired, video and audio channels can allow for a true F2F experience.  A separate digital overlay for the rep displays events, media, CRM-derived core data for that HCP, the customer journey, and more.  Optional integrations can extend this set of information available at the reps fingertips, enabling them to consult the HCP rather than simply "push" information.  The HCP now has more of an option to "pull".


Relationship Building


Key Organizer Benefits

  • Reduced travel times
  • Increased reach
  • Constant eye-to-eye contact with HCP due to overlaid data
  • Planned, Requested and Suggested Media, all within easy reach
  • Customer Journey and Influence Network Map available during the call


Key HCP Benefits

  • Click-and-Go: ¬†No plugins, no downloads, no software
  • Transparency in communication
  • Pull of information instead of push
  • Optimizes Quality vs. Quantity of information
  • Lowers the opportunity cost of a visit


Key Pharma Benefits

  • Better access to HCPs
  • Decreased costs
  • Increased reach
  • Enhanced content relevance
  • CRM system integration

Video Conferencing meets CRM

While available standalone, the true strengths of the yRoom become apparent when fully integrated into a CRM system, such as Veeva, SalesForce, or ysura's own CRM platform.  By integrating the entire history of communication, the core data and all the attributes collected over the years, both the HCP and the sales rep can obtain a complete and transparent overview of how the relationship has been built over time.  Further integrations such as with a pharmacopoeia or SOP-store can only bring further benefits to both the HCP and the rep.


Want to Learn More?

The pressure is there, the technology is here, and the interest exists for individualization in content distribution.  With integration to many CRM systems, included media-tracking and analytics, rapid-documentation, lowered call preparation and documentation times, the yRoom helps to achieve higher throughputs at increased efficiencies and with lower costs.  Don't believe us?  Download our product sheet or whitepaper to learn more.  Alternatively, schedule a demo and be amazed.

Have a look here at our Webinar "Evolution of the personal contact" - the yRoom gives you great possibilities

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