Pharma OTC industry meeting in Munich

Leading pharmaceutical managers discuss the digital future of pharmacy distribution

Munich, November 16, 2018 – The Munich-based specialist for CRM in the pharmaceutical sector ysura GmbH has opened a new series of the established event format “Vitamin C” with a focus on OTC. At the industry meeting in Munich, important sales and marketing topics for the digitization of the “Over The Counter” area were discussed in lectures and discussions.


Multi-channel in pharmacies – reality or wishful thinking?
“The pharmacy is increasingly transforming itself into a healthcare provider. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies must find intelligent answers to the digital change in pharmacies,” said Philip Debbas, Managing Director of ysura GmbH and organizer of the “Vitamin C” series. The key to success remains personal contact. But the possibilities of asynchronous communication could be used much better with the right software.


Digital marketing at the point of care
This also raises the question of how healthcare IT can be used as a communication platform. Because studies show: The majority of doctors cannot find the information they need on the Internet. “Information must be placed where doctors and pharmacists can find it, namely in their own software. Only in this way is effective digital marketing possible,” said Christian Senger, General Manager of intermedix Deutschland GmbH, in his presentation. The improved communication at the point of care, i.e. when pharmacist and patient meet, leads to significantly higher additional charges. His tip for those responsible in the sales force: “Get involved with the prescription and delivery process, because they are the pivotal points of pharmaceutical communication”.


More data – less knowledge
Data is another important issue for OTC specialists. In the course of digitization, pharmaceutical companies are collecting an exponentially increasing amount of data. The participants in the discussion are unanimous: they are the oil of this century. The problem is: “There is still less knowledge about the customer. Therefore, in the future it will be a matter of converting the data into valuable information for the company, namely those that interest the pharmacist,” Alexander Wittke, Managing Director of Saletelligence, explains in his presentation.


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