OTC – Mobile order entry in pharmacies

Reliable order processing and continuous customer care – these are challenging tasks, especially for smaller pharmaceutical companies in the OTC sector. In order to support sales representatives and increase product presence and market penetration, ysura has developed an order management tool specifically for the OTC sector.


From order to wholesale with CRM specialist ysura

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Mavena has now introduced this new technology in order to optimally implement its sales strategy. The integrated order entry module was one of the main reasons why Mavena chose the cloud-based solution from ysura. The simple operation, the fast input with transmission to the connected wholesaler and the clear display of order parameters and discounts make it easy for the field staff to keep track of the orders.


Added value through digitalisation

For smaller pharmaceutical companies in particular, fast and error-free order entry in pharmacies is important and, until now, an error-prone process. “Orders were lost or not processed promptly, returns were not recorded correctly – this error rate was intolerable for me,” says Stefano Blasin, CFO/COO Mavena International AG. “It quickly became clear that we also had to digitize this business process. In addition, we wanted to shorten the time for our sales representatives to follow up on pharmacy visits and make their work easier”.


One platform for all sales activities

But the digitization of order entry goes far beyond saving time, explains Philip Debbas, Managing Director of ysura. “Our goal is to provide modern pharmaceutical companies with an innovative platform that maps all customer communications and sales activities across all channels. Mobile order entry via tablet complements core processes such as visit planning and entry, event management or the entry of doctor samples or other articles.” And the Order Management Tool is also constantly being improved. In addition to mapping complex discount contracts or improved route planning, it will soon also be fully available offline – a unique feature in this field!

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