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Only truly user friendly, compliant and fast CRM systems can help Pharma companies reach their goals.


In the world of rapid change and uncertainty - in the so-called VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) - there is a need for solutions that can respond quickly to new events.

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Co-creation was the key to our success and we are pushing the model to bring our product to the next level.

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Customer relationship management requires a team effort

September 27, 2019

In CRM projects, it is often not technology and implementation that are challenging, but rather the company culture and familiar habits or data silos and patchy business processes. Dr. Beate Schuhr, an expert in pharmaceutical customer relationship management, reports on how to recognize the difficulties and where to encounter them.
An interview with Wolfgang Höfers, General Manager at in//touch, a subsidiary of the good healthcare group

September 20, 2019

How will pharmaceutical sales work in the future? Wolfgang Höfers says it’s time for pharmaceutical companies to leave their comfort zone and adapt to new communication channels such as digital meeting rooms.
Interview with Torsten Flöttmann: Pharmaceutical Communication - A Digital Special Path?

July 24, 2019

Has the pharmaceutical industry really overslept social media communication?


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Multichannel 4.0 – erfolgreiche Beziehungen mit HCPs aufbauen und pflegen

Patient Empowerment durch Adherence Programme
DocMorris, Prof. Dr. Christian Franken

Diagnose kanalaffin?
Kanalpräferenzen von HCPs als Heilmittel für treffsicheres Multichannel



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Multichannel 4.0 – erfolgreiche Beziehungen mit HCPs aufbauen und pflegen

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ysura means innovation
ysura offers software solutions to the pharmaceutical market, including Sales and Marketing Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Planning, Consent (opt-in) Management, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, Order Management, Sample Management, Key-Opinion-Leader Management and Augmented Video Conferencing. All Modules can be integrated in and to a CRM and can also be used as a Stand-alone Solution.
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