Consent Management for Pharma in 2018:
What you need to know

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GDPR 2018 is coming. Are you prepared?

In 2018 a new European-Wide General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect. What does it mean for sales & marketing in the pharmaceutical industry? Is your company prepared for the new processes? Are you aware of the exact changes the affect your communication with health care professionals? At the heart of GDPR is consent. Health Care Professionals must give the pharmaceutical company formal consent in order for the company to contact the HCP via digital channels.

The ysura Whitepaper Opt-In from Health Care Professionals for Digital Communication with Pharma: Legal, Organizational and Technical Aspects explores the topic of consent in detail. You will find answers to the following questions:

  • What methods can be used to gather consent?
  • What type of communication do HCPs prefer?
  • Is your CRM or your mobile apps designed for collecting consent?
  • What is a consent contract and how long is it valid?
  • What happens if a company is non-compliant?
  • How to use the new GDPR regulation to your advantage?

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