Blockchain – fad or game-changer? Pharma Execs to discuss topics shaping the industry

This week marks the sixth edition of the annual ysura Innovation Circle. The exclusive invitation-only event brings together forward-thinking pharma executives from 12 global organizations to talk about the future in pharma sales and marketing on 8-9 March in Munich. A particular focus at this year’s event is the blockchain and its application in the pharmaceutical industry.

As in previous years, guest speakers outside the pharmaceutical industry have been invited to present an outsider’s view. This year top researchers from Fraunhofer, Accenture and Allianz will be enriching the circle.

Unlike the typical industry conference, every participant at the ysura Innovation Circle actively contributes, either by holding a short presentation, leading a discussion or simply engaging in discussions.

ysura’s own blockchain specialist, Florian Bernstein, will be holding the keynote speech. “While there is clearly a lot of hype around blockchain these days, the technology will indeed launch new business models. During these two days we expect to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify truly game-changing applications of blockchain,“ predicted Bernstein.

Florian Bernstein, Software Architect and blockchain expert

Florian Bernstein, Software Architect, ysura GmbH

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