Mobilizing Pharma Sales and Marketing

ysura is the old Celtic word for Isar, the river that flows through Munich. It comes from ys (fast) and ura (water). Ysura means fast water. A perfect description for our products: fast and perfectly adapted to the flow of tasks and information for the life sciences industry.

ysura designs and develops innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The solutions cover multi-channel sales, consent management, map-based targeting, personalized emails, campaign management, key opinion leader marketing and more.

The solutions integrate with existing CRMs. Add ysura’s core module and you get your own lean, mobile CRM.

ysura’s solutions are designed for mobile computing from the ground up. Common processes in pharma sales are optimized and built-in to the modules. Once sales reps get a hold of the intuitive and fun user interface, they will never return to standard software.
The Munich-based company is privately held.


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Reference Customers

Numerous pharmaceutical companies are already customers of ysura. Thousands of users and pharmaceutical employees rely on ysura software every day. Further references are available on request.


ysura partners with some of the leading life science and technology companies in Europe and beyond.

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