Most pharmaceutical companies consider samples an integral part of the sales process. At the same time, samples can be expensive and difficult to manage. The compliancy regulations around samples are also complex. ysura's sample management module is aware of the current regulations for each region per product and indication. Of course it also knows which doctors have already received samples and which doctors are still entitled to more samples. In any case, ysura will help the sales organization remain compliant and audit-proof at all times.

With ysura, you can manage individual inventories of samples at the sales rep level or pooled inventories for teams of sales reps, for example at call centers. It's even possible for a sales rep to have access to both inventories simultaneously - either handing over samples during a face-to-face visit or facilitating an order through the central inventory. The sample management module can be linked to external fulfillment services for accurate processing and shipping of the samples.

  • Compliant with up-to-date regulations
  • Management of individual (physical) as well as pooled (virtual) inventories
  • ysura calculates exactly how many samples can still be given to a health care professional at any point in time, thus eliminating any risk of non-compliancy
  • Personal and central inventory management and audit trail
  • Signature-ready form on tablet for health care professional's order - eliminates paper
  • Integration with fulfillment center for sample delivery
  • Sample reporting meets compliancy audit requirements
  • Integrated with ysura's consent management
  • Integrated with ysura's doctor portal for self-service sample requests

ysura means innovation
ysura offers software solutions to the pharmaceutical market, including Sales and Marketing Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Planning, Consent (opt-in) Management, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, Order Management, Sample Management, Key-Opinion-Leader Management and Augmented Video Conferencing. All Modules can be integrated in and to a CRM and can also be used as a Stand-alone Solution.

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