Mobility reached a new height at ysura. Pharma CRM vendors had moved towards tablet solutions in recent years but ysura is the first to offer a phone app which effectively eliminates the requirement for a tablet.

Sometimes the phone is the best tool for the job. While in transit from one meeting to the next, it’s often easiest to pull out a phone to log an activity, read information about the next visit, phone to confirm an appointment, check sample inventory or simply find HCPs nearby.

That’s why ysura created a fully-featured phone app capable of replacing ysura’s tablet or desktop app. Favorit ysura features such as;

  • sample management,
  • near-me,
  • maps integration,
  • consent management,
  • customer journey and
  • business process management
  • Daily reporting
  • Integrated with maps High-speed search

now have a refreshed user experience tailored to the phone.

ysura’s phone app doesn’t merely mirror the tablet functionality, it adds features not available on the tablet, including the ability to phone HCPs directly from the app. Thus ysura created a fully-featured phone app capable of replacing ysura’s tablet or desktop app.

Your pharmaceutical representative wants to work with the phone-app, tablet-app or both? No problem at all, so when switching between different devices, all data will remain up-to-date on all devices. All data is synced continuously with the cloud.

Ysura´s PhoneApp also runs on iOS, Android, Surface.

ysura means innovation
ysura offers software solutions to the pharmaceutical market, including Sales and Marketing Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Planning, Consent (opt-in) Management, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, Order Management, Sample Management, Key-Opinion-Leader Management and Augmented Video Conferencing. All Modules can be integrated in and to a CRM and can also be used as a Stand-alone Solution.

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