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Personalized Emails

As a pharma sales rep, you're constantly pulled in different directions.

Your sales manager wants you to send more emails to your contacts. Compliancy insists that you never deviate from the approved texts. Medical permits only certain combinations of text blocks. Marketing demands that emails follow the corporate identity. Legal warns never to send to addresses without opt-in status. Your wife wishes you would get off the computer and join you for a game of tennis. You know that only personalized emails are effective, yet they can also be very time consuming.

So how can you be sure to send out enough relevant but personal emails and still make it to tennis on time?

The solution is customized mailings. A customized mailing is a mailing to multiple recipients where the sender can insert personalized information so that each email appears to be written individually for the recipient.

ysura's advanced mailing wizard assists you to do exactly that and remain compliant with all corporate guidelines. Select from among pre-approved templates, insert personal text in specific places or modify certain texts to add your personal touch. Select recipients or groups of recipients and even choose a personalized greeting and sign-off for each recipient. That's it!

You might even be the first one out on the tennis court.

ysura means innovation
ysura offers software solutions to the pharmaceutical market, including Sales and Marketing Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Planning, Consent (opt-in) Management, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, Order Management, Sample Management, Key-Opinion-Leader Management and Augmented Video Conferencing. All Modules can be integrated in and to a CRM and can also be used as a Stand-alone Solution.

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