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Structured, good-quality presentations are the hallmark of HCP visit strategies (both physical and virtual), and part of a well-rounded multi-channel communication campaign.  ysura CRM allows a company to provide those presentations to users while both offline and online, and to organize those presentations within targeted campaigns and around specific topics, ensuring that HCPs don't get inundated with non-relevant information.  With presentation versioning and validity periods, only the most-recent presentations with the current approved claims can be displayed.  Individual presentations can also be rated by the HCP or a rep can self-rate based on the perceived informational value that presentation had to the HCP.  GDPR compliant, anonymized viewing statistics can be sent back to the marketing department to help optimize future media information delivery strategies.

Media management can be performed within ysura CRM by an administrator, or can be outsourced to the new ysura Library (coming soon), a light-weight asset management tool that can help to optimize the media creation, claim management and approval workflow.

Key features include:

  • Manage and display media in most web-optimizable formats
  • Associate "key messages" with media
  • Display of media during activity creation / recording
  • Quick-display of media for when you only have 2 minutes to get your message accross
  • Full GDPR-compliant and anonymous aggregation of viewing statistics and page/segment views
  • Instant and easy release of new media to the field force
  • Notify users when newer versions of media are available
  • Associate topics with media
  • Suggested media based on HCP information preference
  • View media presentation in the Customer Journey
  • Avoid duplicate presentation by informing the field force of previous media viewing
  • Associate key messages with specific slides in a presentation, further refining tracking of delivered information
  • Integrated questionnaire for post-presentation analysis and recording
  • Present and record media for multiple participants

ysura means innovation
ysura offers software solutions to the pharmaceutical market, including Sales and Marketing Optimization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Activity Planning, Consent (opt-in) Management, Multichannel Marketing Campaigns, Order Management, Sample Management, Key-Opinion-Leader Management and Augmented Video Conferencing. All Modules can be integrated in and to a CRM and can also be used as a Stand-alone Solution.

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