Whether activity reporting lists for use by managers which also include calculated columns, or for dynamic filtering and sorting of targets by the field force.  Lists can be created by any user, sent to other users for further editing, or shared with other users (non-editable).  The ability to include highly-complex filter conditions as well as include any core data field or attribute stored in the system (also while respecting field-level security settings and regional assignments), allows for easy activity reporting, HCP discovery and targeting, campaign creation and management,  and sharing and organizing information.

Key features:

  • Person and Organization Lists
  • Creation of filters and columns for core data, attributes and activities
  • Information can be displayed or hidden, reordered and multi-level sorted
  • Bulk edit of attributes within lists
  • Exportability into Excel
  • Dynamic lists can be sent (editable) or shared (non-editable) to other users or territories/organizational groups
  • Usage of previously-created lists in other parts of the systems such as Events and Campaigns

ysura means innovation
ysura offers pharma-specific software solutions for sales and marketing, such as customer relationship management (CRM), activity planning, consent management, multi-channel marketing campaigns, order entry, sample management, KOL management and augmented video conference. All modules can be individually adapted and also used as stand-alone solutions. That made you interested?

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