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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Finder

ysura's KOL Finder identifies Key Opinion Leaders in the topics of your choosing. Using natural language processing, the KOL Finder scans scientific databases such as PubMed as well as conference websites, medical society databases, social media and professional associations in order to determine the health care professionals with the highest influence factor around the words and terms you choose. Are you looking for the most influential diabetes doctors in a specific geographic region? Enter "diabetes" (or a more specific subset) and let the KOL Finder discover those doctors with whom you or your medical team should liaise.

Most likely these well-known KOLs will already have established relationships to pharmaceutical companies. If they have a relationship to your company, great! If they have a relationship to your competition, however, it might be hard for them to find the time to establish another relationship to your company. That's why it's important to discover future KOLs early in their career - the so-called Rising Stars.

This is where the KOL Finder is particularly valuable. Applying pattern-recognition techniques and predictive analytics to terabytes of historical data, the KOL Finder can determine patterns of activity early in a career that indicate that a doctor is likely to become a Key Opinion Leader later in their life. These are the people you should target now in order to have strong ambassadors for your future products.

  • Works on any keyword, therapeutic area, drug, disease or combination of the above
  • Eliminate search terms in order to better identify the right people, e.g. oncologists who don't work on lung cancer
  • Generate current KOLs or Rising Stars (future KOLs)
  • Influence factor for every doctor on a given keyword set from 0 to 100
  • Graph the change in influence over time
  • Track different realms of influence - scientific, social media and local


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