Planning, coordinating and funding an event can be a complex and time-consuming process in the pharmaceutical industry, especially when one needs to follow company guidelines for approvals. Your company's guidelines may require, for example, that the larger the size and budget of the event, the higher the ranking of the approving manager.

ysura CRM includes a powerful business process management engine, where you can define rules, restrictions, processes and workflows to meet your company's specific requirements. ysura then guides you through the event creation process, step by step. Managers who need to give their approval for particular steps in the process receive an email and are alerted on their own device when they log in. If that manager is on holiday, the approval request is routed to the next higher instance automatically, thus the process flows along smoothly.

The business process management, while initially designed for event management, will cover other processes throughout pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

  • Template-based definition. Define new processes without programming
  • Unlimited number of steps allowed
  • Wizard-based process
  • Visual progress bar
  • Manage location, budget, participants, dates, times, speakers, topics and catering
  • Define approval steps based on budget, product lines and hierarchy
  • Shared budget among multiple regions or product lines automatically changes approval steps
  • Quickly view outstanding approvals

ysura means innovation
ysura offers pharma-specific software solutions for sales and marketing, such as customer relationship management (CRM), activity planning, consent management, multi-channel marketing campaigns, order entry, sample management, KOL management and augmented video conference. All modules can be individually adapted and also used as stand-alone solutions. That made you interested?

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