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Consent (Opt-In)

One of the most important channels for today's sales organization is Email. But in order to send mailings to health care professionals, you need their opt-in or their consent for such mails. ysura can't provide you with consent, but we can provide you with an integrated tool to collect and manage the opt-in process. The health care professional can even sign directly on the iPad and later manage their subscriptions via the Doctor Portal.

  • Manage communication preferences: email, fax, phone, visit
  • Built into ysura or your own CRM
  • Collect signature directly on iPad
  • Import opt-ins from other systems
  • Integrated with Doctor Portal so that health care professionals can manage their own communication preferences
  • Manage unlimited newsletter subscriptions per health care professional
  • Individual communication preference profile helps you understand what your customers really want and improve your services

See consent management in action!

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ysura offers pharma-specific software solutions for sales and marketing, such as customer relationship management (CRM), activity planning, consent management, multi-channel marketing campaigns, order entry, sample management, KOL management and augmented video conference. All modules can be individually adapted and also used as stand-alone solutions. That made you interested?

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