With multi-channel technology readily available, your sales reps have the tools required to spread your message. But exactly which message? To which doctors? With which media? And when? ysura’s campaign solution guides you through these questions and enables you to structure and launch a multi-step campaign.

Let’s look at a simple product launch campaign. The firm IsarLife is bringing a new Diabetes product to the market. The business unit directors, scientific liaisons and the marketing department can jointly define the steps of the campaign and the marketing collaterals.

Within three months after launch, all priority one doctors who specialise in diabetes should be visited personally by a sales rep, who shows the doctor an introductory product video. One week later the sales rep follows up with a personalized email including a link to a scientific study. Two weeks after that, the sales rep sends a printed invitation to a diabetes conference and follows up one week later with a phone call.

This information is fed into ysura, assigned to one or more territories and the campaign can begin.

ysura shows the sales reps how far along each HCP is in the campaign and advises them of the next step. A regional director or sales manager can visualise the overall progress of the campaign in an aggregate view. The 360° customer journey is automatically populated with the upcoming activities.

When the campaign is finished - in this example after three months - the management can review the success of the campaign, for example how many HCPs completed every step and what percentage accepted the invitation to the conference. Ultimately one could correlate the campaign with increased product orders in the region.

ysura stores the campaigns so that you can reuse campaigns in other regions or product lines and modify the parameters where necessary.

ysura’s streamlined pharma campaign solution means that we don’t get lost in details. We just get down to business! (Hans-Juergen Wolf, MSD)

ysura means innovation
ysura offers pharma-specific software solutions for sales and marketing, such as customer relationship management (CRM), activity planning, consent management, multi-channel marketing campaigns, order entry, sample management, KOL management and augmented video conference. All modules can be individually adapted and also used as stand-alone solutions. That made you interested?

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