4 reasons why the yRoom for pharmaceutical sales representatives 2020 is indispensable

February 4, 2020

Forget screen sharing! The yRoom is a digital meeting room that really changes the way you interact with the doctor

1. retrieve all information in one place
Pharmaceutical sales representatives work with a variety of different data, information and documents on a daily basis, which they access in various tools. This costs time and nerves and is also prone to errors. The simple solution: The yRoom gathers all relevant information in one place. From CRM data and approved documents to market analyses and information streams from linked data sources - you always have the latest data and documents at your fingertips.

2. control all processes centrally
Obtaining consent, sending samples and advertising materials, inviting to events or arranging customer service - the yRoom supports all important processes. Pharmaceutical representatives control them in real time and with full transparency, even during the doctor's consultation. This is not only efficient, but also creates trust with the HCP.

3. safely comply with all specifications
Security and compliance have the highest priority and are not guaranteed with screen sharing. During the digital doctor's consultation in the yRoom, pharmaceutical representatives can only show approved media and therefore need not worry about compliance. During the interview, written consent can be obtained interactively and invitations can be sent out. Another advantage: the doctor can actively participate in the conversation and, for example, select interesting topics on the screen himself.

4. simply connect all users with a link
The yRoom focuses on the essentials: The focus is on the doctor's consultation and technical hurdles are avoided from the outset. The HCP enters the digital meeting room via a link - no installation of plugins or apps necessary, just any device with a browser. We take care of the rest.

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